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Hi, Welcome to Food For Your Soul, where what matters most is your health and the welfare of the planet. Here at Food For Your Soul, I, Gretchen Brooks Nassar, take the approach of combining what’s best for your health with what’s best for the planet and give you transformational Plant-Based Diet Programs that change your health & life.

I offer plant-based, whole life, transformational programs called the Best Diet for the Planet. After researching green diet and green living (and graduating from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and becoming certified as a holistic health practitioner), I found that the best diet is the best diet for the planet! And, the best diet for the planet is a plant-based, whole foods diet that lays the foundation to the transformational programs I offer. I also offer programs on kicking Meat & Dairy as well as Nutrition and Health-Based Workshops and Teleseminars.

At Food For Your Soul, I specialize in programs that help you avoid illness and excel in wellness. Imagine nutritional programs that transform you from exhausted and overwhelmed into your best, energetic, vibrant, life-loving self!

If you’re:

Then, you’ve come to the right place! And I can help.

Nutritional coaching is my passion, so too is helping you transform physically while eating in the best way for your health and the planet. I’m here to help you heal unwanted symptoms like headaches, poor sleep and digestion, all simply by learning the best self-care. In our time together, I will help you feel great about the changes you’re making, while having fun in the process. The work we do together will energize and excite you, and be meaningful. During your program, you will increase your confidence, vitality, and expand your knowledge about your body, how to heal, and what’s healthy. The changes you make will increase your energy, so you can do more of what you love, have more to give, and be more productive. You may even feel like a new you!

Through your specialized nutrition program, you will benefit from my knowledge, experience, and my healing journey. I will help you move from exhausted to energized, from stressed to at peace, from not knowing how to eat right, to feeling confident with every bite! You will take actions that not only change your habits and diet, but create permanent lifestyle shifts that shape who you are and who you want to be. Through my nutrition programs, you will transform into your best and healthiest self!

To learn more, check out my Best Diet Programs, and sign up for a Best Diet Consult today! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ve found what you’re looking for.

To your best, healthiest self and to a healthy planet!


What people are saying about Gretchen’s Food For Your Soul:

“Gretchen is such a sweetheart. She is a caring, sympathetic soul and really listens to your concerns. She has been such a strong, wonderful support for me as I work through some of my own health and wellness issues. She is willing and ready to explore myriads of areas of lifestyle and interest in order to find out what’s really going on for you. Gretchen also is a storehouse for information! Gee whiz! This woman really knows her stuff! I remember being astonished on our first call about just how much help she was able to provide me. I’m pretty sure I left with a page full of actionable steps after just the first call. Our subsequent calls helped me to really pinpoint what I needed help with and how to round out those areas so that I can live a full, healthy, happy life. Thank you, Gretchen, for your loving support and wisdom!”

-Shannon Lagasse, Emotional Eating Coach.

“Participating in Gretchen’s Food for Your Soul program has been a significant factor in my losing 25 pounds over the last nine months. Gretchen has provided support, encouragement, and solid nutritional information that has helped me change my diet and how I approach food and health in general. Gretchen has helped me change long-held eating and exercise (or lack of) patterns, and now exercising and eating well come naturally. I have found Gretchen to be a skilled counselor who is able to simultaneously teach, support and motivate.”

- A. Krinsky, CA

“In the past six months I have been working with Gretchen, I have benefited tremendously from her calm and compassionate presence, her deep questions, her humor, and her knowledge of treatments (from how to make sleep better, to supplements, nutrition, psychology, and real soul work). Gretchen has a wonderful way of going into detail about what I might need to look at, get, take, or do to get better. I appreciate her patience and her endless encouragement. She has a wonderfully genuine and kind spirit.”

“I have made a lot of progress toward my recovery to full health and I owe it to Gretchen’s presence and expertise. I am very happy to be working with her, and, in fact I have decided to continue to work with her beyond the six-month program. I highly recommend diving into a healing journey with Gretchen for both your body and soul. Ultimately, I find this journey to be enriching my life. Thank you, Gretchen!”

- Maria, Germany


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