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Best Diet Programs: Plant-Based, Whole Food, Whole Life Programs


Gretchen is the go-to person if you have an interest in pursuing a plant-based diet. It doesn’t matter if you’re motivated by moral, political or health reasons, I assure you that Gretchen can help you make the shift to a plant-based diet. She’s like an encyclopedia! She’s researched this topic thoroughly, lives a plant-based life passionately, and thrives on helping others refine their food choices and become more conscious consumers.”

Claudine Ardnt, Health Coach,

Best Diet Consult

Are you ready to take the Best Diet Program plunge? Not sure? How about a little taste first? Get a real, live, personal taste of the Program by meeting for the Best Diet Consult. Get the chance to prioritize yourself, your health, your life, and talk about what matters to you. Get some recommendations for direction and learn about how the nutrition program can help you. Feel supported, cared for, and feel what it’s like to have a coach working for your best self and life!

75 minute consultation: $ 75

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Best Diet for the Planet Programs

Nutrition Programs designed to Energize

Wouldn’t it feel great to:

-get up easily and happily each morning excited to start the day?

-have the energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for your life?

-lose those extra pounds and not have to worry about your weight?

-eat the best for the planet and your body?

-not have to worry about your health, medications, or big doctor bills?

-not have to worry about the health of your children?

-know how to prepare delicious, healthy meals quickly & easily?

-sleep like a baby?

-feel at peace rather than stressed and pulled in many directions?


What if you could eat in a way that was best for your body and the planet all the while feeling your best?

You can.

And you can do all this and more by getting on the Best Diet for the Planet.

The Best Diet for the Planet is a whole foods, plant-based whole life program that helps take you to new levels of health while eating in the best possible way for our planet and the animals.

This nutrition program will transform your relationship with your body, food, the planet, and yourself. You will learn how to eat a plant-based diet, while understanding that what you eat matters not only to your every cell, mood, and body, but also to the planet. You’ll get information about food, nutrition, healing, and sustainability and learn to enjoy eating and cooking.

While on this plant-based diet, you’ll transform from your exhausted, overwhelmed self into an energetic, vibrant life-loving self. You’ll gain energy, confidence, and joy while knowing that you’re eating in the best possible way for your body and the planet. You’ll learn to love cooking and healthy food and overcome cravings for unhealthy, unsustainable food.

You’ll overcome unwanted symptoms like headaches, reflux, bloating, and gain mental clarity, healthy digestion, and more beautiful skin. You’ll go from not knowing how to eat right to feeling confident with every bite! You’ll benefit from Gretchen’s years of experience, personal transformation from chronically fatigued to super-energized, and you’ll get an integration of some of the best plant-based experts consolidated into your special program. You’ll take actions that not only change your habits but create permanent lifestyle shifts shaping you into the best you.

Working together, we will map out a diet plan that works for you making it happen with progressive, helpful, personalized action steps. As you take each step, you will become healthier and you’ll be on your way to transforming into your best, healthiest self!

On this program you’ll get:

Information on:



-Local Food Choices



and more!


Your Investment:

$ 200/month

Email Gretchen to set up your Best Diet Consult


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