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Biography of Gretchen Brooks Nassar

Gretchen Brooks Nassar is an Author, Mom, and Health & Plant Based Nutrition Coach who melds her healing journey of 15 years (and CFS recovery) with an extensive Study of Healing and Nutrition, to form a unique philosophy and protocol for helping people avoid illness while excelling in wellness. Her educational background spans Teaching, Counseling, Nutrition, and many Holistic Healing Modalities. Gretchen holds a MA in Teaching ESL, BA in Psychology and Counseling experience, and she is certified as a Holistic Health Counselor by the AADP and a graduate of the world’s largest Nutrition School, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (see below, to learn more about this cool school!)

Gretchen has also studied Green Living practices and has put many in place with her husband on their property in CO. She cares deeply for the planet, and believes that adopting a plant-based diet is not only superior for health, but is the most sustainable choice for the planet and animals. She bases her belief upon life experience and study. Gretchen has seen the powerful impact of a plant-based diet not only in her own healing of Chronic Fatigue, but also studied the works of Plant-Based Nutrition experts who’ve witnessed personally, clinically, and scientifically the phenomenal power of plants to heal, most notable among them: Dr. Joel Fuhrman, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Mc Dougall, Dean Ornish, Will Tuttle, Howard Lyman, William Hicks, John Robbins, David Wolfe and more. In Gretchen’s work with clients, she combines her learnings gleaned from healing along with her passions and study of nutrition, food, and healing to take a soul-based, sustainable approach to her Coaching Practice.

International Association for Health Coaches Member!

Curious about Health Coaching? Here’s Gretchen’s Personal Story!

In 1999, I read John Robbin’s seminal, eye-opening work, Diet For a New America. Immediately, I became a vegetarian. That same year, I was looking everywhere for an online education to become a holistic healer. I was still ill with a very complex, mysterious illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and couldn’t yet get out of the house much, however I studied constantly, various modalities of healing and knew that I was on the path to healing myself and eventually to becoming a healer! Sadly, or perhaps divinely, I didn’t come across the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) until much later in, 2006, after I had recieved a MA in TESL and tried my hand at teaching ESL. IIN also came after I wrote my book, Call For Soulwork. Finally, after so much healing, I had turned a corner and healed from CFS and in 2007, I graduated from IIN.

Here’s what I want to say about IIN:

When I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I knew I was home. Never have I been so enthralled by an education. Never have I felt so inspired and enlivened by any group of people. Never have I had as much fun or been as challenged. Being an IIN student changed my life. It helped me heal, it helped me overcome many fears, and it helped me become the healer I am today. IIN isn’t just an education with the best Nutrition teachers in the world. It’s isn’t just a school of great, motivated, health enthusiasts. IIN is a movement of people who not only want to change the world, but who are doing it! What could be better than that?

If you need to heal; IIN can help. If you want to learn about Nutrition; IIN is the place. If you want to grow as a person and join an incredible family of health activists, there’s no better place!

Obviously, I’m passionate about IIN! I’m also passionate about nutrition coaching and the amazing education, community, and movement of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Email me, Gretchen, to learn more about the education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, or to answer questions about their Coaching Program! Or, click on the image below, to begin learning more about this incredible, life-changing school and education!

And, if you become a student, make sure to get in touch! I absolutely love doing what I can to support you on your IIN journey!


© Dec, 2012 Gretchen Brooks Nassar

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