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Go Plant Strong Ebook

Hey, health and eco-conscious folks, want the best health insurance money can buy? Want to do the best thing for your health & the planet?
Here’s a book that will not only give you answer to your health problems, but it will give you the way out of them!

This book’s for you IF..

  • Your Doctor told you you need to reduce meat & dairy, but you don’t know how
  • You’ve been thinking about reducing or kicking meat, but haven’t yet
  • You’re worried about your family’s health & the rising cost of health care
  • You care deeply about animals & the environment
  • You’re worried about the environmental impact of your diet
  • You’re overwhelmed by changing your diet to a plant based one & need help

If any of the above statements resonate for you, then it’s time to:

Go Plant Strong to Save Yourself, Your Pocketbook, and the Planet!

Because this isn’t just an e-book; it’s a guidebook to making an eco and health-friendly life transformation!


Get the healthiest you’ve ever been by changing just ONE THING. You’ll find out how in this easy-to-read 100 page ebook!

From this ebook, not only will you get the answers to your concerns, but a whole lot more! Because not only is this book a how-to, and a manifesto for eating, but it also delves into the health and environment implications of eating meat and dairy.

When you read this ebook:

-You’ll learn once and for all how to kick (or reduce) meat and dairy in clear, easy-to-follow steps

-You’ll stop feeling overwhelmed by health information and become empowered to change

-You’ll stop worrying about health care because your NEW diet actually PREVENTS and may even REVERSE disease!

-You’ll make the biggest possible change to your carbon footprint by going plant based and understand why this is so meaningful

-You’ll stop worrying about the environment and instead help the environment and animals by kicking meat

Get all the HEALTH you need by going plant based and kicking (or reducing meat and dairy). Learn how to make this life changing transformation in 24 simple, actionable steps that can be tailored to your lifestyle. Learn why this choice gives you optimal health and helps save the planet at the same time.

Get these incredible Benefits…

and more when you read and follow the advice in this book!

  • Get your best health ever
  • Get energized
  • Go from down or depressed to ‘up and at em’
  • Lose weight naturally and easily
  • Overcome digestive discomforts and problems
  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Avoid life-threatening illnesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more
  • Sleep better
  • Boost immunity
  • Enjoy glowing skin
  • Save the planet
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Save animals


Gain Knowledge, Because Knowledge is Power!

-Learn why going plant based is the best thing you can do for YOUR health, animals, and the planet!

- Learn what a plant based diet looks like, what it is not, and easily transition from eating meat to consuming mainly plants

- Get a quick and easy-to-read version of the reality behind meat and dairy (as well as the myths) and realize why you never questioned eating meat and why now it’s time to give it up or reduce

-Learn ways of navigating uncomfortable social situations, awkward questions and attitudes as you embark on a new way of eating and living


Here’s what Reader’s are Saying!

This e-book was such an easy and fun read. I couldn’t step away form it. I just had to read it all in one sitting! Many of my own beliefs were reinforced, as well as new concepts that I plan to now implement. I have a refreshed plan for getting less meat out of my diet. Anyone who is interested in the truth about our food and wants to make changes can benefit from this informative e-book.

Lori Van Scoter, Instinctively Healthy

Go Plant Strong! is excellent for anyone looking to improve their health or the health of their family. It is also a must-read for anyone concerned about the way in which our food choices can affect more than just us — the animals, the farmers, and probably above all, the planet. Gretchen has done most of the hard work for us in terms of research and covers all the bases in terms of how and why a diet heavy in animal products can be harmful to everyone (and everything) involved. She gives you lots of facts, followed by lots of encouragement and plenty of practical tips to help ease you into a healthier, more conscious, and more plant-centered way of eating.

Megan Rogers, LCSW, HHC

Integrative Health Therapist,


“Go Plant Strong!”is an information packed ebook that is easy to read and understand. The author, Gretchen Brooks Nassar, does a great job laying the foundation of what a plant strong way of eating is all about. She gives reliable information with lot’s of references for the reader to check out if they want to learn more. She provides recipes, tips and tricks, handouts, and offers her continuing support. She sets the reader up for success in a way that is non-judgmental and flexible to their individual needs. The book gives the information and allows the reader to find out what works best for them.

This ebook is so important for people to read, as it helps us to understand what we are eating and how it is effecting not only ourselves, but our families (including our furry animal companions), our communities, and the planet. The number one way we can reduce our impact on the planet is through our food choices. However, in order to make better food choices, we must first know what we are consuming. This ebook provides the information.

This book is also very important for current vegan and vegetarians to understand the benefits of eating whole, plant foods. It is easy to become a junk food vegan, and I can appreciate this from my own personal experience, but at what cost to your health, your family’s health and the health of the planet?

Whether you are ready to become a full fledged plant based vegan, or just want to learn more about the plant based way of eating, this book provides the information, tips, tools, and support for you to get started. So what are you waiting for?”

Lisa Henbest, CHC, RN/Professional Clutter Clearer & Health Coach

Special Bonus Goodies

(also included in this ebook):

In addition to all of the above, you’ll get helpful handouts you can use to make many of the changes easily. These handouts will help you:

  • Make the change to plant based eating easier
  • Cope with food cravings
  • Make meal planning easier.

You also will receive great information on:

-how to supplement on a plant based diet

-plant based meal planning

-converting meat-based meals into plant-based ones.

All of this for a new low price!

That includes the BOOK, the HANDOUTS, and great RECIPES!

Moreover, it includes this life-long health transformation & the best health insurance money can buy!

Spring Sale!

(your health & planet investment)


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