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Insanity (60-day Cardio Workout) Review

Posted on Sunday, July 28th, 2013
by Gretchen Brooks Nassar



Well, the news is not as good as I had hoped it would be. Maybe it’s those damn cookies.. (incidentally, I’m talking maybe 10 Barbara’s animal cookies guys, just for the record : ) Anyway, I have lost inches, and maybe a few pounds, but I thought it’d be more dramatic. Admittedly, I’m not as happy about the end physical results so I’m planning on continuing with the workouts. But, wait a minute!  I am happy.  I have gotten results. I am way more toned and defined in the abdomen. I’ve lost about 1 1/2 inches there. My waist is more defined, a little smaller. The whole belly area looks way better. I’m not much thinner, but I feel like someone has pulled in and tightened my midsection quite a lot. It feels good. I’m not thin or terribly buff. But, I didn’t change my diet much and  I just did 60 days!  Think about it. 60 days is a lot of this Insanity, but in the scheme of body it’s just not that long. I think I just need to keep going and maybe cut out more of those midday treats and then maybe I’ll see the incredible body transformation Shaun T. promises!

Yes, I still want to lose weight, even though I know I’ve gained muscle. I still want to get a little thinner, more toned (though I’m pretty toned at this point). I want a prettier, sexier body overall, but  there’s a bigger picture here. Since Insanity, I have gained a lot of other great things already. I’ve gained lots of energy. I’ve been impressed by this fact. I feel more resilient, able to do more in a day. I’m enjoying life more, and am more balanced, even keeled. I get less rattlied by stuff, like our daughter’s acting out. I see red less often. I’m happier while on Insanity. There’s a lot to be said for energy, stability, groundedness, and happiness! I think I’ll take that stuff any day over an ideal, or nicer looking body!

But, it’s also been hard. For me, the workouts themselves haven’t been so hard.  Sure, some exercises are near impossible, but really it’s been harder to manage the schedule and figure out how to fit the workout into my day. For instance, I debate about when to eat breakfast.  Will I have enough time to eat and digest, workout, shower, and get dressed before that appointment?  That’s been the tougher thing for me, time management.  I don’t like that part.  I don’t like feeling time pressured.

What else has been hard? Well besides the scheduling, it’s doing those longer workouts. I don’t like working out for 55 minutes at an Insanity intensity–I just don’t.  It’s about 10 minutes too long. But, I do it because I want the results. I think those long workouts were a little much at times, but overall it’s been a huge blessing. It’s been exciting. I want to workout most days, and if I don’t start out with anticipation, I work into enjoyment soon after starting. It just feels good to move my body, to breathe so deeply, to challenge my muscles, and to feel them working.  Truthfully, I don’t like working on some exercises when they burn so intensely, like the insane shoulder exercises during the end of the cardio recovery video. So, sometimes I backoff, or rest in child’s pose, or pace the room, or gulp down some water or coconut water, or wipe the sweat from my brow, all instead of doing every single exercise. But, most the time, I’m in it, really in it.  I’m ‘digging deep, and digging deeper.’

Yeah, there are a few exercises I never did. Honestly, I was afraid I’d break. No kidding. What’s the deal with pushup jacks?! That’s the other thing, Insanity is full of jumps! I don’t know what Shaun T. eats for breakfast, but mine doesn’t include rocket fuel. I can jump, sometimes better than I imagine, but jumping is so exhausting and it’s so hard on the knees and joints. So, I’m still careful. I have to say Insanity is not for the weak, the nimble, frightened, or the joint challenged.  It’s not for anyone who doesn’t like to push themselves physically. It’s not for someone who doesn’t like to breathe deep or feel their heart thump.

But let’s talk how I feel about Insanity overall. Overall, it’s great!  Insanity has been great for me, and I’m thrilled to say I did the 60-day workout (and am continuing on)! I’m ‘digging deep’ and loving it!


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