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Kick Meat & Dairy Programs

-Get Real about Meat & Dairy Teleseminar (70 min)

“Gretchen is the go-to person if you have an interest in pursuing a plant-based diet. It doesn’t matter if you’re motivated by moral, political or health reasons, I assure you that Gretchen can help you make the shift to a plant-based diet. She’s like an encyclopedia! She’s researched this topic thoroughly, lives a plant-based life passionately, and thrives on helping others refine their food choices and become more conscious consumers. She does this without judgment. I encourage you to check out her nutrition teleseminar, Get Real About Meat & Dairy, if you’re really ready to learn more about how your food choices impact your health and our planet. The class is absolutely packed with relevant, life-changing information.
Claudine Arndt, Certified Holistic Health Coach
Wellness with Claudine, LLC

-Go Plant Strong to Save Yourself, Your Pocketbook, and the Planet! Ebook

Your friendly, super-informative, how-to guide to kicking (or reducing) meat & dairy


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